Tokyo DisneySea – Enjoy Unforgettable Disney Entertainment

Tokyo DisneySea – Enjoy Unforgettable Disney Entertainment

December 25, 2018

While Tokyo Disneyland awed me speechless with the impressive attractions and parades, Tokyo DisneySea took me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Besides Mulan, I loved the story of The Little Mermaid, so I couldn’t contain my excitement upon finding out that there’s a themed land – Mermaid Lagoon – dedicated to the world of Ariel, the little mermaid, and her aquatic friends. I shall not confuse you with the layout of the park, so let me begin with sharing about the first themed land, and I will move clockwise.






There are seven themed ports of call in the park – Mediterranean Harbour, American Waterfront, Mysterious Island, Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon and the Arabian Coast. You’ll enter the park via the Mediterranean Harbour where you’ll be welcomed by a romantic, southern European port town from olden days with a picturesque fishing village of quaint restaurants and an area of canals with charming restaurants and shops. You can take a ride on the Venetian gondolas along the romantic canals or enjoy a leisurely voyage aboard the DisneySea Transit Steamer.












At the American Waterfront, you’ll find both the excitement of the big city and the charms of a New England fishing village. Would you dare to board an elevator for the penthouse and take on the Tower of Terror? On the other hand, you can take it easy and board the elevated electric trolley to Port Discovery. You can also board a tram and play some fun carnival games with Woody, Buzz and their pals. Moving on, you can discover the secrets deep within the Earth and under the sea at Captain Nemo’s hidden base at the Mysterious Island. Take part in a mission to explore the fantastic undersea world aboard small submarines (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) or speed through the caverns on a subterranean vehicle (Journey to the Centre of the Earth).





While Port Discovery boasts a futuristic marina across the horizons of time, the Lost River Delta features the ruins of an ancient civilization deep within the remote Central American jungles. You can board a submersible and explore the vast ocean with Nemo and friends at Port Discovery or speed through an excavation of ancient gods aboard a rollercoaster with a 360-degree loop at the Lost River Delta.





Enter the Mermaid Lagoon and visit Ariel and her friends’ light-hearted kingdom under the sea. Explore the caverns and peek at the little mermaid’s treasures at Ariel’s playground, float up and down on a shell suspended from jellyfish, ride a flying fish over a tide pool on this little roller coaster, board a shell and join the blowfish as they race round and round, board a twirling kelp cup and go for a spin, or enjoy the “Under the Sea” musical show. This themed land is perfect for children.




After spending hours moving from one themed land to another, I finally arrived at the Arabian Coast. You can experience the world of The Arabian Nights filled with magic and mystery here. There’s an attractive two-level carousel offering camels and other steeds, including the Genie. It’ll be fun to soar over Jasmine’s garden on a flying carpet. You can also set sail for adventure with Sindbad and Chandu or catch a magic show at The Magic Lamp Theatre.


Similar to Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney FASTPASS is also available at Tokyo DisneySea. Remember to check the FASTPASS and standby wait times at the attraction entrance. Hold your passport ticket under the reader of the FASTPASS ticketing machine and receive a FASTPASS ticket with the designated time period printed on it. Until the designated period starts, you can use your time effectively at other attractions, shops, or restaurants. Once the designated period starts, return to the attraction and enter through the FASTPASS entrance.




It’s the festive season when I visited Tokyo DisneySea, so I was fortunate enough to be able to catch “It’s Christmas Time!” and the “Brand New Dream” fireworks display. The entire atmosphere felt so festive and I was filled up with the holiday cheer when the Disney Friends presented a Christmas revue with live performances from singers and dancers. If you’re visiting DisneySea soon, please check if “Fantasmic!” and the “Big Band Beat” shows are available. For “Fantasmic!”, you will witness Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice who uses his powers of imagination to create a magical world of fantasy on the waters of the Mediterranean Harbour. As for “Big Band Beat”, it’s a dazzling revue featuring lively singing and dancing with swing jazz by a live big band. Mickey on the drums and Goofy as the band leader make this a must-see performance.






There are many food stands and restaurants in Tokyo DisneySea, and these are what I’ve tried. The Little Green Dumplings (¥360 for 3 pieces) are generously filled with chocolate, strawberry and custard. You can find this food stand at the American Waterfront.

Mexican food is one of my favourite cuisines, alongside Japanese and Thai. Head to Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina for dishes inspired by Mexican flavours. I had Miguel’s Special Plate Set (¥1,580) which includes Donald Duck shaped taco rice with black peppered pork and your desired choice of soft drink.

If you’re craving for pasta or Western cuisine, drop by Café Portofino. The Special Christmas Set (¥1,880) consists a starter – Italian meatball and vegetable chowder, your choice of main between the linguine with shrimp and tomato cream sauce or the linguine with pancetta, mushrooms and cream sauce, a dessert – strawberry and pistachio mousse cake, and your choice of soft drink.


Valentina’s Sweets is the largest confectionery shop in Tokyo DisneySea, so sweet-tooths, you know where to go for your dessert fix. You can find household and other interior goods at Villa Donaldo Home Shop and tableware and other kitchen items at the Venetian Carnival Market. The park’s largest selection of merchandise can be found at the Emporio while the park’s largest apparel shop is Figaro’s Clothiers.

Comparing Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, I prefer the latter because I’ve always been curious about underwater life and I’ve always liked marine animals. However, I did have truckloads of fun at both parks and would highly recommend you to visit.

Tokyo DisneySea
Address: 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan
Directions: Get off at Maihama Station on JR (Japan Railway) Keiyo Line / Musashino Line. Maihama Station is about 15 minutes by train from Tokyo Station.
Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 10pm. Disneyland’s operating hour subject to change without notice. Be sure to check the website before visiting.

Tickets can be purchased from H.I.S. Travel. There are only two official Japan travel agents in Singapore selling Tokyo DisneySea tickets, and H.I.S. Travel is one of them. Note that this is a collaboration with H.I.S. Travel (6222 1230). You can find them at 100 Tras Street, #03-16/17/18, 100 AM, Singapore 079027.

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