I’m a true-blue Singaporean who loves travel, photography, and food. I left my career in accountancy in 2014 to become a globetrotter. Since then, I’ve travelled to over 20 countries and have checked many adventures off my bucket list. I hope my readers will benefit from my first hand perspective of the trips.

My parents worked in the media industry for over 4 decades. They always brought me along on their business trips. But, my love for travel only began when I was alone on a student exchange trip for 5 months in Germany. Lessons were only held from Mondays to Wednesdays, so I took the opportunity over long weekends to travel around Europe to as many places as I could afford. I stayed in hostels and met people from all over the world who shared their travel experiences with me. My trustable Canon EOS 550D followed me around, but I was too busy pursuing my accounting degree to spare time for writing then.

Fast forward to 2015, after leaving the corporate world, I started working as a food writer for www.misstamchiak.com. Working hours were flexible, which gave me ample time to explore the world. Maureen, my boss, was the one who constantly encouraged me to make use of the photos that I already have to churn out meaningful content, and that’s how Alexis Jetsets is born in October 2016.

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