[Closed] Tokio Inkarami – One of the Best Haircare Treatment from Japan is available at Kenjo Salon

[Closed] Tokio Inkarami – One of the Best Haircare Treatment from Japan is available at Kenjo Salon

September 17, 2017

Tokio Inkarami treatment is now receiving great ratings from high-end salons in Japan, and it has probably become the most popular salon menu in Japan. Whether your hair is permed, or straight, you’ll be able to see results after undergoing the Tokio Inkarami treatment. I have coloured my hair at the end of July, and did not foresee my hair turning so dry and damaged as it was my very first time dyeing my hair. Justin, my trusted stylist from Kenjo Salon, recommended the Tokio Inkarami treatment to improve my hair quality.


Just compare the difference in my hair quality! The picture on the left features my dry and damaged hair before the Tokio Inkarami treatment, while the picture on the right showcases my weightless, silky smooth hair after treatment.

The main reason of achieving amazing repair power is due to a strong aggregation bond reaction created during the combination of “waterfowl keratin” and “keratin amino acid” which restores hair’s strength up to 140%. This reaction also guards protein loss firmly by replenishing hair’s lipid and warping hair’s surface layer. Your hair will get a superior shiny effect from core to layer. The Tokio Inkarami treatment also amalgamates 6 types of keratins to restore elasticity and flexibility to your hair. Lastly, this treatment incorporates a world recognized antioxidant, “fullerene”, which removes active oxygen produced by UV exposure, and prevents damage to your hair.


The entire Tokio Inkarami treatment takes approximately 1.5 hours, and it is simply performed in 4 easy steps. Firstly, Tokio 0 is applied to your hair. This product consists of penetrating agents to facilitate the hair’s moisture. One of the ingredients, Urea, functions as a penetration enhancer and softens cuticle which has been hardened by heat and alkali. Nano mist is sprayed to help the hair absorb the nutrients better.

After this, Tokio 1 and Tokio 2S will be applied to the hair before the hair goes under the steamer for about 10 minutes. Tokio 1 is a foundation for Inkarami to replenish keratin into the hair. This helps strengthen the hair, and suppress cuticle lift-up. Tokio 2S further builds up the hair core by Inkarami reaction. I was surprised by its moisturizing, smoothing, and restoring results!

This is followed by applying Tokio 3S which finishes the Inkarami process by replenishing 4 types of keratin in order to repair damage, retrieve an attractive shine, and to achieve long term durability. Finally, Tokio 4S is applied to replenish oil to the hair layer and build hair texture. I’m sure you can tell how pleased I was with the Tokio Inkarami treatment judging by the photos above.


Besides the treatment, there are home care products which help sustain the quality of the hair. The Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo, and Tokio IE Inkarami Treatment (Conditioner) contain different types of keratin which interlocks within the hair to build up the keratin protein. The shampoo and conditioner are recommended to preserve the Inkarami treatment effect. There is also the Tokio IE Outkarami Oil Treatment which protects the hair cuticle from external causes and improves luster and smoothness.

Thank you so much Justin, for consistently taking such good care of my hair. As for my dear readers, simply quote “Alexis” to enjoy 15% off all ala-carte services at Kenjo salon. Do note that this special discount only applies for your first visit. If you are impressed by how much my hair improved after the Tokio Inkarami treatment, don’t forget to book an appointment with Justin before heading down.

Address: #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839
Contact: 6238 8083
Website: http://www.kenjosalon.com.sg/
Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm daily (including Public Holidays). My stylist, Justin, is off on Wednesdays.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Kenjo salon.

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September 07, 2018 at 4:00 am. Reply

Hi, I chanced upon your blog and would like to know how long does this tokio inkarami treatment last? Can it last up to 6 months? Thanks!


    September 24, 2018 at 9:23 am. Reply

    Hi Faith, the treatment lasted more than 3 months for me. I do a treatment every 3 months (:

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