5 Amazing Places to Visit in Southern Cebu – Fly with Cebu Pacific Air to Make the Most out of Your Trip

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Southern Cebu – Fly with Cebu Pacific Air to Make the Most out of Your Trip

June 15, 2019

Southern Cebu boasts refreshing waterfalls, beautiful underwater life, incredible hills and other breathtaking sights and experiences that will awe you speechless. The region is perfect for those seeking outdoor adventures and adrenaline. Besides snorkelling, diving and hiking, there are also relaxing activities waiting for you in Southern Cebu. Without further ado, check out the following 5 places that I feel are worth visiting in Southern Cebu. I’ve added a bonus place at the end!

#1 – Sardine Run



You can easily snorkel with a million sardines slightly off the shores of Panagsama Beach in Moalboal. When the small boat I hired docked near the beach, there wasn’t anything special when I looked down into the water. However, upon jumping in, I was totally blown away by the sheer amount of sardines. I was extremely surprised the moment my head went underwater. To be honest, I was quite afraid and intimidated at the beginning, but my fear was unfounded. The sardines were harmless. After spending some time in the water, I became comfortable and more courageous and even swam through the school of sardines.

Sardine Run
I booked a half-day island-hopping tour with Explore Cebu Tours & Travel and the sardine run activity is part of the itinerary. The tour started at 7am and ended around 10am. It’s best to be out at sea before 11am in order to catch the sardines in “full strength”.

#2 – Turtle Bay




In addition to snorkelling with sardines, I also tried my luck with turtles. The boatmen and tour operator already warned me that the chance of seeing turtles in their natural habitat was very low, and it might be a wasted trip. Well, I had to try since I was already there, right?! Fortunately, instead of one turtle, I came across six! The largest turtle that I came across was bigger than me. If you’re wondering, I’m 1.62 metres tall and weigh 46 kilograms. It was hard to contain my excitement!

Ps. Please remember to respect wildlife conservation laws. Although I was snorkelling close to the turtles, I did not touch them. Feeding or touching turtles might harm, injure, or even kill them. Even if a turtle swims directly towards you, it’s important to stay out of their way and not disturb them.

Turtle Bay
I booked a half-day island-hopping tour with Explore Cebu Tours & Travel and this activity is part of the itinerary. Do note that snorkelling with turtles depends on your luck. You might or might not encounter them, so it’s better to not get your hopes too high.

#3 – Pescador Island




Snorkelling off the shores of this island was also part of the itinerary for the half day island-hopping tour. Featuring colourful corals and a plethora of fishes and marine animals, the Pescador Island is a popular snorkel and dive site. Starting the tour at 7am allowed me to be the first snorkelling guest at Pescador Island, and I had so much fun learning about the different types of fishes from the boatmen.

#4 – Kawasan Falls








The Kawasan Falls is a cascading waterfall and a world-class tourism destination in the mountains of Badian, Cebu. Located in the secluded canyons along Matutinao River, the waterfall received the National Hall of Fame Awards by the Malacanan Palace as the “Cleanest Inland Body of Water in the Philippines” (river category) for the years 2000, 2001 and 2002 respectively. The clear turquoise blue waters stretches from Kabukalan spring to the seas of Tanon Strait.

Before visiting the Kawasan Falls, I had very high expectations of this waterfall due to the pictures I’ve seen on Instagram and the content that I’ve read from numerous articles. To my disappointment, the image of Kawasan Falls that I had formed in my head was very different from how the waterfall looks like in reality. I’d still recommend first-time visitors to stop by the Kawasan Falls, but perhaps, you might want to try water-rafting over there to make it a more memorable experience.

The entrance fee for Kawasan Falls is P45 per person. You’re able to rent action cameras, helmets, life vests, water shoes, water bags and other paraphernalia at reasonable rates. There are many tour guides who kept trying to persuade me to hire them, but for Kawasan Falls, it is not compulsory to hire a tour guide. You’re allowed to explore the area on your own.

#5 – Mantayupan Falls



This waterfall was not in my itinerary but the driver I hired insisted that I have to check it out. The Mantayupan Falls is made up of two waterfalls. The first one has a height of 98 metres and you get to see it from different perspectives while crossing a suspension bridge. The suspension bridge brings you to the second waterfall which is around 14 metres tall. It wasn’t crowded even when I was there around 11am. There were two families having picnics around the waterfall and their children were splashing around in the water. It felt quite peaceful and relaxing, and I enjoyed this experience more than Kawasan Falls.






The 5 physical activities that I’ve introduced above will leave you happy but tired, and the best way to pamper your exhausted bodies is to indulge in the Kawa Bath at Fantasy Lodge. This hot bath is prepared using coconut husks. The husks are burnt in order to boil the bath, and they give the bath a natural fragrance. I booked the Kawa Bath with an ocean view, and it was a unique experience soaking in a huge wok. It felt as though I was being cooked. The Kawa Bath session lasts for 45 minutes and costs P500 per person.

Fantasy Lodge
Address: Samboan, Cebu, Philippines
Contact: +63 917 700 6027
Website: http://www.fantasylodgecebu.com/

Cebu is a big city and it’ll take a week or more to fully explore and experience what it has to offer. I would recommend spending 4 to 5 days in Southern Cebu if you want to conquer hiking the rolling hills like Osmena Peak, see more waterfalls and try local food.



To make the most out of your trip in the Philippines, try flying with Cebu Pacific Air. I’ve already given you an insight to this airline and elaborated on their current #FlyToMoreFun campaign in my previous posts. Today, I’d like to share about the food that Cebu Pacific Air offers on board their flights.

Snacks and pastries such as the Ube Cheese Roll, the Ube Coconut Macaroons, nuts, pretzels, and cup noodles and a variety of hot and cold drinks are available. If you prefer having a hot meal on board the flight, it’s better to pre-order your food. There are 12 options available like the Beef Bulgogi, the Sweet Chilli Chicken, the Kung Pao Chicken Noodles, the Korean Style Stir-Fried Noodles, and the Lechon Turnover, just to name a few. These pre-ordered meals are prepared fresh daily, and only available exclusively for pre-order. You’re not able to get them on board if you order on the spot. Check their website for more information, and if you’ve already made plans to visit the Philippines, give Cebu Pacific Air a try.

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