Seogwipo Submarine – Discover Jeju Island’s Spectacular Underwater World by Submarine

Seogwipo Submarine – Discover Jeju Island’s Spectacular Underwater World by Submarine

September 04, 2019

I’ve always been fascinated by the underwater world, and have tried snorkelling a couple of times. I’m planning to get my diving certificate soon (hopefully by the end of this year). Whenever I chance upon water activities during my trips, it’s impossible to give them a miss. While researching for activities to do and attractions to check out on Jeju Island, I came across the Seogwipo Submarine Experience on KLOOK‘s website.









The Seogwipo Submarine is certified by Guiness World Record for having the “longest career as the tour submarine caption (without accident)”. This is the world’s first ISO-9001 certified operator in the submarine tour service. The Seogwipo Submarine began operation in 1988, making it the first in Asia and third in the world. The digital submarine, Jiah, built in Finland in 2003, is the latest existing model and the world’s largest submarine for tour with 67 passenger capacity. Jiah can dive up to a maximum of 57 metres, and it has 13 portholes on each side so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get a close up look at marine life.

At 10 metres underwater, you will watch various seaweeds such as sea mustards, green lavers, Ecklonia cava, gulfweeds, agar-agars etc., shellfishes such as trumpet shells, conches, abalones etc., jellyfishes, and anchovies. At 20 metres underwater, you will meet various marine creatures ranging from sea cucumbers to octopuses to starfishes and more. You will also watch a diver swim with countless fishes like Suzumedai, half-lined cardinal, stripy, pudding wife, thread-tail filefish, flag fish, rock sea-bream, and more. At 30 metres underwater, you will be awed by the world’s largest soft coral reef covered with back coral, fan coral, red soft coral, Plexauroidea reticulata, Putter’s giant sea anemones, and stony corals, just to name a few. At 40 metres underwater, you will visit the eerie-looking, mysterious shipwreck site – the only place you can see a wrecked ship in Jeju.

If you find diving and snorkelling too much of a hassle and dislike getting wet, you can consider going on a 40-minutes submarine dive on Jeju Island and observe the island’s famed underwater world brimming with jaw-dropping marine life, diverse tropical fish and even blue seaweed. Peer out of the portholes to see a ship wreck surrounded by sea life and a diver feeding colourful fish. Delving to depths of almost 50 metres, the Seogwipo Submarine Adventure is an experience like no other.

Furthermore, with over twenty years in the business and a 100% safety record (it’s the longest-running submarine tour with a zero accident record), you know you’re in safe hands.

What’s KLOOK?

KLOOK is an online platform offering a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever you travel. You can discover and book in-destination services at the best prices. KLOOK believes that travel should be all play and no work. With so many activities waiting to be discovered, their goal is to connect travellers with the experiences you want and need.

How to Book?

Simply select your desired date and the number of adults and children who will be participating, add the selected package option to your shopping cart, check out and make payment. Sounds so straightforward, doesn’t it?

You will receive confirmation of your booking’s availability within 1 business day. Once confirmed, KLOOK will send you the voucher via email. You must present a printed voucher and your passport for this activity. The voucher is valid only on the tour date and time specified. Please redeem tickets with the voucher and your passport at ‘Submarine Experience’ ticket office on entry date. Please arrive at the port at least 15 minutes in advance to redeem your ticket.

Please also note that admission to Seogwipo Provincial Marine Park requires an additional 1000krw for adults and 500krw for children aged between 6 and 12 years old. This fee is not included in KLOOK’s Seogwipo Submarine package. Entry is free for infants aged 0 to 5 years old and seniors aged 65 years old and above.

Seogwipo Submarine
Submarine Port Address: 707-5, Seohong-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea
Website: Link for Booking Activity

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