Laguna National Toptracer Range – Play Like a Golf Pro Even If You Are Not One

Laguna National Toptracer Range – Play Like a Golf Pro Even If You Are Not One

January 12, 2019

A prominent club in the local and regional golf scene since its inauguration in 1993, Laguna National is one of Singapore’s premier golf and country clubs. On top of the two 18-hole championship courses that have won prestigious accolades and hosted international championships, Laguna National has recently installed and launched the Toptracer Range at Laguna Practice. They are the first club in the region to introduce this innovative technology.

Toptracer Range technology provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on interactive in-bay screens in hitting bays, which allows players to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their performance. Toptracer has become a staple of major golf television broadcasts worldwide. It has been prominently featured in numerous high-profile events, such as, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship and the Ryder Cup. The same technology that traces the shots of the game’s best players on TV is made available through a variety of games that creates a fun, engaging, tech-driven experience.





Located in front of the Bunker Lounge at Laguna Practice, 10 Toptracer Range bays are set up on level 2 with table service. These bays are equipped with a Toptracer interactive screen and a 43-inch television monitor for the group viewing, along with a 4-seat sofa lounge and coffee table. Groups of 8 friends can also be accommodated by combining two of the bays and their seating areas. Access to the bays are available to Laguna National members and the public.





Toptracer Range features games and modes suited for all ages and skill levels. You can take on the world in a long-drive competition, play Closest to the Pin with your friends, dive into advanced analytics to fine-tune your swing, and virtually tee it up at some of the world’s greatest courses. It is fun for both professional golfers and golf enthusiasts who just want a great night out with friends and family.

Just imagine – on one side, you have the professional golfers who are trying to hit the golf ball over the net, while on another side, you have those who are clueless (my friends and I) about golf and trying their best to hit further than 40-metres while playing the Longest Drive game. Despite the differences, all of us still had so much fun! It was a pretty good bonding session with friends!

Instead of the traditional per ball charges typical at most driving ranges, Laguna National’s Toptracer Range is offered and priced on a time basis. This allows friends and users to determine themselves how vigorous their sessions and practice will be. You may wish to relax with friends, take your time over drinks and snacks, while others may want to squeeze out every minute from the feedback the technology can provide. In my opinion, Toptracer Range has a similar concept to bowling games.

Toptracer Practice – Level 1, Maximum 2 players per bay
Members $20 per hour (peak) and $15 per hour (non-peak)
Public $32 per hour (peak) and $25 per hour (non-peak)

Toptracer Lounge – Level 2, Maximum 4 players per bay
Members $40 per hour (peak) and $25 per hour (non-peak)
Public $60 per hour (peak) and $45 per hour (non-peak)

Do note that the pricing is inclusive of 100 balls.

Last but not least, users can download the Toptracer Range Community App and tailor their own range day experience, and store scores and data on the Toptracer network. Laguna National members and guests can use the App to link their personal profiles to access their entire history of shot data, including specific club performance details, as well as, how they rank against other players on leaderboards.

My friends and I enjoyed challenging each other even though we do not know how to play golf. It’s the fun times we spend together that makes playing the Toptracer Range games memorable. If you’re looking for something new to do with your friends and family over the weekend in Singapore, why not consider a game or two here?

Laguna Practice
Address: 610A Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 465404
Contact: 6741 1111

Note that this is a collaboration with Laguna National.

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