Indein Village – Are You Able to Photograph All of the 1,054 Ancient Pagodas Here?

Indein Village – Are You Able to Photograph All of the 1,054 Ancient Pagodas Here?

March 23, 2018

I feel extremely motivated about sharing this article with you because the photo I posted on Instagram received the most number of engagements I have ever gotten! It’s the very first photo which hit more than a thousand likes, so thank you to all of you loyal supporters out there. I will continue discovering the world and sharing my adventures and experiences with you. I usually keep my captions on Instagram short and sweet, so this blog post will provide detailed information on how to get to Indein Village and its historical background and facts.

Directions to Indein Village


The Indein Village is located about 8 kilometers West of the Southern tip of Inle Lake. Taking a boat is the most convenient transportation method to get there. You can easily purchase tickets from travel agents or from the hotel that you are staying at or head directly to the pier and negotiate a price with the boatmen. Please make sure that the boatman you have engaged has agreed on the places to stop and the duration of the trip before you begin the journey. Do note that the boat ride from Inle Lake can only be made during the monsoon season and during winter because the water level is too shallow at other times.

Exploring Indein Village




There is a market and two groups of ancient pagodas occupying the Indein Village. The Pa-Oh people who live in the surrounding hills sell their crops at the market. You can also find beautiful handicrafts, local snacks, traditional apparels and souvenirs at the market. The first group of pagodas – Nyaung Ohak – is located behind the market. The majority of the pagodas here have not been restored and are in various states of repair. Some of these pagodas even have plants growing out of them. Look closely and you will notice that the pagodas here are decorated with carvings of celestial beings and mythological creatures.







The second group of pagodas – Shwe Inn Tain – can be reached by climbing a hill from Nyaung Ohak. There is also a more comfortable 700-metres covered walkway which leads up to the Shwe Inn Tain pagodas. The walkway is lined with stalls where vendors sell Shan shoulder bags, longyis, shirts and other items.

The Shwe Inn Tain pagodas is believed to date back to the days of the Indian emperor Ashoka, who sent out monks in the 3rd century BC across Asia to spread Buddhism. Centuries later, the 2 kings of the Bagan empire, Narapatisithu and Anawrahta, built pagodas here. There is a shrine of the Inn Thein Buddha image in the middle of the cluster of the Shwe Inn Tain pagodas. When you have arrived at the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with amazing views of the Indein Village and its surrounding countryside.

Now, here’s an interesting fact which might wow you – there is a total of 1,054 ancient pagodas at the Indein Village! I enjoyed looking at the combination of pagodas in many shapes, colours, textures and sizes. While some are undergoing various states of preservation, others are in their original crumbling state. The Indein Village is a place not to be missed if you are visiting Inle Lake!

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