Hotel Noum Osaka – A Tranquil Respite from the Hustle and Bustle of the City

Hotel Noum Osaka – A Tranquil Respite from the Hustle and Bustle of the City

December 07, 2019


Are you planning for a relaxing retreat in Osaka? Hotel Noum Osaka has everything that you need to help you unwind and chase all your worries and stress away. Jayden and I were hosted in the Riverview King Room for two nights, and we couldn’t bear to bid farewell to this hotel when we had to check out. The following are 5 ways to help you feel more calm and relaxed during and after your stay at Hotel Noum Osaka.

#1 – Enjoy the Peaceful Atmosphere of the Quiet Neighbourhood


A trip to Osaka will not be complete without a visit to Dotonbori. As much as we love the liveliness of the area, we do not want to stay in a hotel located in Dotonbori. We prefer escaping to a less crowded neighbourhood in order to rest and recharge properly before exploring the city again. Hotel Noum Osaka is surrounded by nature, and there is no tourist crowding the neighbourhood. We were able to walk around at our own leisure pace, and did not have to worry about ‘hogging the walkway’ and causing a ‘human jam’ if you get what I mean.

#2 – Take a Stroll Along the River at the Park Beside Hotel Noum Osaka

When we were crossing the bridge to get from the metro station to Hotel Noum Osaka, we were wowed by the river view and the autumn foliage surrounding the park. To our surprise, the hotel is situated right beside the park. It’s very romantic to take a stroll at the park with your loved one. Since Osaka offers plenty of delicious food options, you can also squeeze in a morning or evening run along the river just to keep your health in check during your holiday.

It felt amazing to feel the gentle breeze carrying the scent of freshly baked pastries and bread brushing our cheeks and listen to the sounds of children’s laughter, birds’ singing, and leaves rustling in the wind.

#3 – Take in the Lush Greenery, along with the Room’s Minimalist Concept




The rooms at Hotel Noum Osaka have been made with materials and colours that offer a certain warmth. The Riverview King Room boasts a king-sized bed and sofa. The minimalist concept ensures that the room does not feel cluttered and is always clean, bright and welcoming. The floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Okawa river, the adjacent green parklands and the cityscape beyond provide abundant natural sunlight. The room is also installed with a projector and speakers so you can relax listening to your favourite tunes, or enjoy your favourite films.

Moreover, there are potted plants placed in the room to evoke a sense of serenity. If you observe closely, the leaves of the plants open up in the day, and closes at night (as though it sleeps while we sleep) – so fascinating!

#4 – Delight in Hotel Noum Osaka’s Complimentary Breakfast





We were ecstatic to know that breakfast is complimentary for all guests at Hotel Noum Osaka as not every hotel offers complimentary breakfast. The breakfast menu selection ranges from full breakfast, grilled salmon, avocado toast, eggs benedict, cheese omelette, to fruit granola and rice pudding. You also have a choice of a cold-pressed juice – either the green juice, the apple & carrot juice or the banana & nuts juice. Feel free to take coffee, tea, water and other juices from the drinks bar.

Ps. The avocado toast was my favourite!

#5 – Watch the Gorgeous Sunrise from the Rooftop

The rooftop features panoramic views of the river and the surrounding neighbourhood. If you can wake up early enough, be sure to watch the gorgeous sunrise from the deck. This will totally start your day on a lovely note.

Staying at Hotel Noum Osaka made us forget about our troubles and pressures of life. If we have a chance to visit Osaka again, we will consider staying at this accommodation.

Hotel Noum Osaka
Address: 4-1-18, Tenma, Osaka KitaKu, Osaka, 530-0043, Japan
Contact: +81669400882

Note that this is an invited stay, but the opinions are the writer’s own.

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