5 Instagram Worthy Spots in Hong Kong – Version Two

5 Instagram Worthy Spots in Hong Kong – Version Two

July 06, 2019

Did I manage to convince you how amazing Hong Kong is as a photography spot in my previous post – 7 Instagram Worthy Spots in Hong Kong? This year, I’ve scouted out another 5 places in Hong Kong to help up your Instagram game. Read all the way till the end, and you’ll find two bonus places (one has already closed down while the other is in the midst of closing down). Don’t wait anymore. Hurry! It’s time to book your next vacation to Hong Kong.

#1 – Sai Wan Swimming Shed


Established in the 1960s, Sai Wan Swimming Shed used to be a venue for swimmers to change clothes, take a shower and store their belongings. Today, it is the only remaining swimming shed in Hong Kong. I’m not sure if swimmers still frequent the place – perhaps, the older swimmers – but I’m certain that this place is popular among youngsters and photography enthusiasts. I had to wait almost an hour for my turn to take a picture, but the wait was worthwhile since by the time it was my turn, the sun had begun to set. The twilight scenery with the wooden bridge, beacon, and crashing waves was simply captivating.

Please apply plenty of insect repellent when you visit the Sai Wan Swimming Shed, if not you’ll end up like me – getting more than ten mosquito bites.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed
Address: Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island
Directions: I recommend taking a cab to the Sai Wan Swimming Shed. It is located in the middle of Victoria Road and you’ll have to descend a flight of stairs to get to the shed.

#2 – Instagram Pier



If you’re using Google Maps for navigation, you’ll have to type the official name in – Western District Public Cargo Working Area. Located on the waterfront of Sai Wan, this pier was originally a container terminal but nowadays, it has turned into a famous attraction. Photographers have been making use of the old lamp posts, caution barriers, cargo pallets, and more as backdrops for portraits. This resulted in many Instagrammers visiting the pier for pictures they feel are “perfect for the ‘gram”, and subsequently, locals and tourists started frequenting this Instagram Pier. On clear days, you’ll be able to admire Hong Kong’s skyline and take in the beautiful sunset.

Instagram Pier
Address: Sai Wan, Hong Kong

#3 – Lok Wah South Estate



Lok Wah Estate was planned and developed in the late 1970s and completed in the early 1980s. The entire estate houses more than ten blocks of residential buildings and is divided into two parts, namely Lok Wah South Estate and Lok Wah North Estate. Instead of boring you with the history of this estate, I’m going to jump straight into the three “Instagram-worthy” spots around Lok Wah South Estate.
1. The spot where most people go to is the carpark for the blue round pillared walls. There are actually two levels of these blue round pillared walls, so if the first level is occupied by other photographers, head up another level.
2. From the top of the carpark, you’ll be able to capture a rainbow-coloured school in the background.
3. There’s another school nearby and you’ll find a pink wall below a basketball court. This is a pretty spot for pictures too.

Lok Wah South Estate
Address: Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong

#4 – Nam Shan Estate


Situated at the former squatter area of Shek Kip Mei, Nam Shan Estate was built in the 1970s to rehouse the residents affected by the redevelopment of the Tai Hang Tung estate after the fire destroyed the squatter area of the old Tai Hang Tung estate. Today, the children’s playground is the main attraction at Nam Shan Estate. Like all other “Instagram-worthy” places, you should visit this estate early in the morning to avoid the crowd of photographers who start to flood the place as the day goes by.

Nam Shan Estate
Directions: The nearest MTR station is Shek Kip Mei.

#5 – Streets of Hong Kong at Night


The streets of Hong Kong are so lively in the evenings with the burst of vivid colours from the neon signboards and crowds of people rushing from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Hong Kong island or the Kowloon area, there are many spots for you to shoot street photography. On Hong Kong island, you might want to check out the lanes around Causeway Bay while on Kowloon, you can consider shooting around Mong Kok.

If you’re travelling solo and using a tripod to shoot, please be alert and watch the passers-by. They might be walking too quickly and knock into your tripod accidentally.



When I visited Hong Kong in April/May, there was an interesting exhibition that took place in Fortress Hill. The exhibition “PLAY to Proliferate: Sign City” sheds light on how signboards shape Hong Kong’s urban streetscape. Entitled “Proliferate”, the installation includes rescued pieces of Chinese characters from actual abandoned signboards. Lighting and a series of mirror walls and floor are used to recreate a seemingly infinite amount of signboards, akin to old street photos of Hong Kong, taken back when signboards filled up the sky. The exhibition also encourages visitors to add to the exhibit by selecting their favourite signboard in Hong Kong and projecting it onto the installation. I hope that the organisers will bring back this exhibition in future!

The second bonus Instagram-worthy spot is Hong Kong’s historic State Theatre building. I’m not sure when the building will be demolished, but you can still check out one signboard shop inside the State Theatre. The vendor is super friendly and allows photography. If you can speak Cantonese, he’s more than happy to entertain you with stories of his past works.

Combining my previous article and this article on Hong Kong’s Instagram-worthy places, you have plenty of choices for pictures now. Do comment below if you have any other local gems to recommend.

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