Eat Darling Eat – Traditional Chinese Desserts with a Modern, Instagram-Worthy Twist

Eat Darling Eat – Traditional Chinese Desserts with a Modern, Instagram-Worthy Twist

May 15, 2019



Opened in March 2019, Eat Darling Eat is the owner’s fifth venture after Mrs. Pound, Dr. Fern’s, Foxglove and Frank’s Library. Located at Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, it’s easy to look for Eat Darling Eat due to the café interior’s vibrant colours. This modern Chinese desserts shop explores the visceral emotions of consuming and sharing desserts. The owner and chef aim to bring happiness to people by allowing all of us to rediscover our childhood desserts in a design-centric environment. They believe in sharing desserts with love and happiness and want people to reconnect with the joy of eating and the nostalgic feeling of enjoying traditional Hong Kong desserts lovingly made by hand.


You can look forward to trying iconic local Hong Kong desserts such as tong sui, egg tarts and pineapple buns. Well … With a modern twist! My tasting session started with the Oyster Spring Roll ($58HKD). It’s always a good idea to eat something savoury before indulging in sweet treats. The oyster spring rolls were juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Every bite came with a crunch which made this dish very addictive. Other light bites include Salt n’ Pepper Halloumi Fries, Grilled Beef Cube, Stuffed Tofu Puffs, and Sweet n’ Sour Pork Nachos. Main courses are available as well.


If you’re looking to surprise your loved ones with a special cake during celebratory occasions, Eat Darling Eat will not disappoint. I tried their signature Pineapple Bun Icy Treat Sandwich ($68HKD) and the Lucky Jade Cake ($55HKD). The former is created as the owner wanted to reminisce his childhood memory of having the pineapple polo bun for breakfast. Instead of serving the usual pineapple polo bun that you can get at all cha chaan tngs in Hong Kong, the ones from Eat Darling Eat is presented with a twist. The buns have a crispy crust and I like the refreshing taste of the pineapple sorbet. Moreover, the custard cream is light, making this dessert easy to finish.


The latter, on the other hand, is heavier on the palate and has an overwhelming floral flavour. The Lucky Jade cake is made up of layers of jasmine tea, almond and white peach. Personally, I preferred the pineapple bun to this cake. The menu also boasts other interesting cakes like the lava cake (with walnut soup), the black magic dessert, and more.


As for the Tong Sui, there are 4 varieties to choose from, namely Sweet Potato, Shanghai, Papaya and Red Bean. I tried the Papaya Tong Sui ($68HKD) which doesn’t resemble the traditional tong sui at all (in terms of presentation). It consists papaya soup, snow fungus, papaya chips and mascarpone. I’m glad that the level of sweetness is manageable, and although it doesn’t taste quite like the traditional tong sui, it’s still a wonderful dessert to end a meal.

If you’re looking for a space that’s Instagram-worthy, Eat Darling Eat is the one. Besides indulging in desserts with family and friends, you’ll also walk away with colourful pictures for your Instagram profile. Psst … I head that the chef is coming up with new, fascinating desserts in the upcoming months, and it has to do with “milk tea” and perhaps, “boba”.

Eat Darling Eat
Address: Shop 17, G/F, 11-19 Great George Street & 27-47 Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 31888949
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 11pm.

Note that this is an invited tasting.

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