Borobudur Temple – Don’t Skip Watching the Sunrise Here

Borobudur Temple – Don’t Skip Watching the Sunrise Here

September 12, 2018

Although both the Prambanan temple and the Borobudur temple have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, unlike the Prambanan temple which is built to worship Hinduism, the Borobudur temple is an 8th century Buddhist stupa and temple complex. It is the single largest Buddhist structure anywhere on earth and features nine levels (six square and three round) built from two million stone blocks. It has four stairways, one on each side, which lead up through carved gateways to the very top.






You have to get a ticket which costs 450,000 IDR ($40.85 SGD) per person from the entrance of Manohara Hotel. It is the only hotel situated inside the gates of Borobudur temple. After purchasing your ticket, just follow the signs for the temple using the free torchlight provided. The climb to the top of the temple was not difficult but you need to be careful since you will be climbing in the dark. We reached the top around 5.30am and explored the compounds of the temple while waiting for the sunrise. It wasn’t my first time exploring Borobudur temple with my girlfriends, but I was still impressed by the intricate details and carvings of the temple.

Moreover, Borobudur temple is set in the gorgeous Kedu Plain with a backdrop of active volcanoes. It’s no wonder why hundreds of visitors want to watch the sunrise here. I caught the perfect orange ‘egg yolk’ rising up into the sky on my first visit, but the weather was gloomy and misty with thick clouds looming above us on my second visit. The view of the volcanoes was blocked and we only noticed the sun rising when the clouds started to lighten but were not able to see the ‘yolk’.

As you are in a temple compound, remember to be respectful. There might be a few monks meditating at the top of the temple, so speak quietly and not shout from one end to another. The place was so tranquil in the morning, with the calming and cheerful sounds of birds chirping. The magical feeling of watching the morning darkness illuminated by the sunrise was so enjoyable. Even if you are not an early riser, you should make it a point to visit the Borobudur temple for the sunrise.

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