5 Beautiful Beaches to Visit in Kenting – A Glimpse into Taiwan’s Tropical Paradise

5 Beautiful Beaches to Visit in Kenting – A Glimpse into Taiwan’s Tropical Paradise

July 07, 2018

Having grown up in an Asian country where most girls perceive “beauty” as being fair, I always get asked, “why am I so tanned?”. Girls carrying umbrellas around even when it’s not raining is such a common sight. However, I’m not one who easily lets “beauty standards” define me. I enjoy spending time at the beach. I love feeling the warmth of the sun, having sand between my toes, taking in the aromatic sea air and listening to the sound of the waves. During my recent trip to Taiwan, I decided to spend a day beach-hopping in Kenting, the southern tip of the country. 

Kenting is a tropical paradise which has warm weather throughout the year. The average temperature does not go below 19 degrees, even in December. There is countless beaches to explore but I only had a day, so I told my Taiwanese driver to bring me to the top 5 beaches over there.

#1 – Baisha Beach (White Sand Bay)




Although the White Sand Bay is a famous beach, it is not easily accessible so not many tourists know how to get there. Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are allowed at this beach, but you need to watch out for jellyfish. If you prefer staying dry, you can take a leisure stroll along the beach. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, just rent a huge umbrella and a beach chair, and enjoy the view of the ocean. There are shower facilities and changing cabins on one side of the beach, and a campsite with a bar and a few small fast food restaurants on another side.

Road cycling enthusiasts, listen up! The longest bike trail in Taiwan starts from the Baisha Beach.

#2 – Little Bali Bay


Experience a little slice of Bali nestled in a lagoon in Kenting. It’s so hidden that you won’t be able to locate this place on Google Maps. I’m so glad that the local Taiwanese driver whom I hired knows about this secret spot, hence I got the opportunity to visit it. There is no designated parking lots and you have to simply park along the roadside. Good news is that it only takes approximately 5 minutes to walk to the beach. The coral reef separates the lagoon from the ocean, creating several deep pools and two small shell beaches. Swimming and snorkeling are allowed here. The rock formations are pretty unique, and I can safely rank Little Bali Bay as my number one favourite beach in Kenting.

#3 – Nanwan (South Bay)



Do you know that the South Bay used to be a whaling area during the Japanese occupation? Those times must have been horrible. Thankfully, this area is now a fishing village with a beach packed with locals and tourists. There are many water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, just to name a few. You can easily find shower rooms around the Nanwan Recreation Area. This is perhaps the most populated place in Kenting because there are hotels and restaurants boasting sea views across from the beach.

If you happen to visit Kenting during the milkfish season between April and July, you should head to the South Bay and watch fishermen fishing for milkfish using traditional tools.

#4 – The Secluded Beach at the Most Southern Point of Taiwan




The most southern point of Taiwan is situated on the southeast of Eluanbi Park. There’s a lighthouse at the park, which requires visitors to pay an entrance fee. Although the beach is free for all to visit, I only came across two fishermen fishing over there. In Kenting, there are so many beaches you can watch the sunset from, but I highly recommend catching the sunset from the viewing platform at the most southern point of Taiwan. The pictures shot there during the golden hour turned out to be amazing.

#5 – Houbihu Fishing Harbour / Houbihu Marina




Houbihu is the largest fishing harbour in Kenting, and has the biggest yacht wharf in Taiwan. The small beach is very peaceful and lovely, and I stumbled upon a bride and groom taking wedding photos. Besides the usual water activities offered at the beaches in Kenting, you will be able to take semi-submarines, ride jet-skis, and even take a ferry to Lanyu from Houbihu. You can also hop onto a ferry from Lanyu and go further to the Green Island.

Feeling hungry after a day out in the sun? Indulge in a seafood feast at the restaurant near the fish market. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to dine there, but I heard that the sashimi and the lobsters are very fresh.

Address: No. 79-43 Daguang Roa, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 946, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Needless to say, my favourite beach is the Little Bali Bay. Due to its undisclosed address on the Google Maps, I had the entire beach to myself. There are many more beaches in Kenting besides the ones which I’ve mentioned, and I hope I’ll be able to discover them on my next trip.

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