7 Charming Spots in Bali – Breaking into the Beautiful Paradise in 2018

7 Charming Spots in Bali – Breaking into the Beautiful Paradise in 2018

January 01, 2018

Bali is one of the most visited destinations in 2017. Despite the volcanic eruptions of Mount Agung towards the end of the year, many travellers still ranked Bali as their top favourite destination in the world. From pristine beaches to mysterious ancient monuments to incredible rice fields, there are so many things to discover in Bali. A few of my favourite instagrammers (including myself) have come up with a list of our 7 most loved spots in Bali – time to plan your travel itinerary for the new year!

Ubud (for the nature lovers) – recommended by Ash Paschke @seasthe_day



Perfect for the nature lover, Ubud is also your cultural hub. With the Tegallalang rice terraces, Tegenungan waterfall, monkey forest, Campuhan Ridge Walk, all close by, you feel like you’ve been transported to a natural oasis. Most are best at sunrise or in the early morning to get amazing photos and avoid the crowds. There are also fire dances, local performances, huge markets, coffee houses to satisfy your cultural cravings. The best time of year to visit is in May, June, and September when the weather is perfect and prices are reasonable.

Tanah Lot (for the sunset lovers)




Tanah Lot epitomizes the romantic island of Bali. Located in the sea approximately 300 meters from shore, the huge rock of Tanah Lot can be reached only during low tides. On its Northern side, there are two Balinese temples built on an overhanging cliff which connects the islet to the shore. Underneath the rock are caves that are inhabited by sea snakes, believed to be the guardians of the temples. Catching the sunset here was the most memorable for us as you get to admire the shimmering gold ball from many different perspectives.

Canggu (for yoga and cafés) – recommended by Daniela @gypsy_daughter

Bali is a vegan’s paradise. I am not kidding, nowhere else you will find such an abundance of fresh and healthy veggie cafes… for a quarter of what you’d get in the west. I spent most of my time in Canggu and the number of incredible cafes seems to be endless here. My favourites are:

– Shady Shack where you can find yummy superfood bowls, smoothies, wraps and salads. My favourite is the Tempeh Bowl.
– Café Organic where the veggie burger is a delight.
– Peloton Supershop is probably my favourite vegan café in Bali. The location is really cool and the food is to die for. You should try the Tricken Burger with sweet potato fries or the Biker Bowl.
– Betelnut Café was the first “hip and healthy” café that opened on Batu Bolong. It is still one of my favourite spots for breakfast and lunch. I love the Falafel Wrap and the Scrambled Tofu with gluten free bread. You should seriously try the gluten free bread… 10 times better than regular bread (I usually don’t eat gluten free).
– Kynd Community is another favourite breakfast spot for me. The breakfast bowls are heavenly, and you should never miss the Big Big Boss Breakfast.

I also practiced and taught yoga in Bali, and my favourite yoga studios in Canggu are The Practice and the Serenity. I did my YTT (Yoga Teacher Training program) at the former studio and Octavio is amazing. The latter is slightly cheaper and more hippy than hipster. My good friend, Nikki, teaches at that studio, and you should try her Detox Retox class.

Seminyak (for the foodies) – recommended by Ash Paschke @seasthe_day



We love Seminyak for its endless amounts of fresh food, huge range, and quality. Some of our favourites – Biku, Ultimo, Nook, Ingka, Sisterfields Cafe, Cafe Organic, Shelter, Motel Mexicola. Expect to pay only $5-10 AUD for a meal at any of these amazing places. For the cocktail lover – Safari chic, char char bar and grill & potato head beach club are ideal. Expect to pay between $5-15 AUD at these bars. However, potato head beach club is the higher end of the scale for its amazing sunset views.

Kuta Lombok (for the surfers) – recommended by Philippa Hodge



Kuta Lombok is the southern hub for exploring some of the best beaches and surf breaks southern Lombok has to offer. The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast to create jagged and awe-inspiring landscapes and views. Set on the beautiful Mangsit beach, Verve Beach Club offers a place to soak up the rays whilst chilling to the latest beats.

Uluwatu (for the ocean lovers) – recommended by Ash Paschke @seasthe_day



image1 (1)

Best suited for the laid back surfers and beach bums, Uluwatu is a whole different world in itself. You’ll be mesmerized by the towering cliffs surrounding the southern part of Bali with crystal clear water ready for you to jump straight in. Suluban beach, Padang Padang beach, Bingin beach, Balangan beach, Green bowl beach and Sunday’s beach club are among our favourites. There are a few small warungs and restaurants (you must try YeYe’s) but the real draw is Single Finn – a two story cafe on top of the cliff. Although a little overpriced, it is packed every night (especially their famous Sunday sesh). Head to the cafes underneath for beers half the price. The best time of the year to visit is between May and September. However, in peak season from July to August, prices peak and it gets busier. That being said, it’ll still be one of the least touristy areas on the island.

Nusa Dua (for the thrill seekers)



You vacation in Bali will not be complete without trying the watersports at Tanjung Benoa Beach, located in Nusa Dua. There are many vendors offering different watersports packages. I don’t remember the vendor we approached, but our package included parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, and sea walker.

The highlight of our watersports adventure was definitely the sea walker experience. You’ll be using a unique sea walker helmet design which doesn’t require a dive tank. This soft dive system kind of reminded me of the helmets used by astronauts. A heavy belt will be tied around your waist, to ensure there’s enough weight pulling you downwards to the sea bed. Don’t worry, it sounds deep, but it’s actually only 10 to 15 metres down. My partner and I have never gotten so close to fish and other kinds of amazing sea life!

I hope you will kick off 2018 with an amazing trip to Bali! Once again, happy new year everyone!

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Beautiful post of Bali. One particular picture was a place I’d seen and had forgotten. Excellent round up of places and gorgeous pics Alexis! Such a beautiful time to visit 🙂


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    Thank you so much!

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