Flashback 2019 – Review of the Year

Flashback 2019 – Review of the Year

January 01, 2020



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. It’s a time to say goodbye and a time to say hello. 2019 has been a challenging year for me, and I’ll still have to continue hustling in 2020 in order to make a few of my dreams come true this year.

Since 2019 has already come to an end, it’s time for me to review how it went. One of my greatest accomplishments is being able to publish blog posts every Wednesday and Saturday in 2019, without any pause in between. It’s certainly not easy to keep up with managing both Instagram and my blog, especially with my busy travelling schedule, but I’m so glad that I’ve persevered on. Whenever I’m completely exhausted or felt unmotivated, I’ll tell myself, “10, 20 or even 30 years later, when I look back on this day, I’ll be so proud of myself for overcoming these difficult times”. This thought really pushes me on to accomplish more. My struggles may or may not be worthwhile, but at least, I know that I’ve tried my best.

There are 3 important lessons that I’ve learnt in 2019. Firstly, I realised that I’ll never feel ready. Be it embarking on new projects or trips, preparing to celebrate huge festivals or accepting and adapting to any changes in other areas of my life, there will always be fear and uncertainty. However, I’ve learnt how to embrace the negative feelings and turn them into positive factors that motivate me to perform that particular task, take on new projects, visit a new city or country that’s very far away from home etc. It’s not easy, but what I’m trying to tell all of you is that it’s completely okay to never feel ready.

Secondly, I’ve learnt to say yes to new experiences and opportunities that excite me and no to tasks and projects that do not align with my moral and ethical values. Everyone, including me, wishes for financial stability but, I will not sacrifice my beliefs and ethics, nor will I put my life in danger, just to earn that extra cash. Hence, I’ve said “no” in many instances. I know what I’m worth and I know what my business is worth. I’m not apologetic at all if you weren’t successful in trying to take advantage of me. Even though the new experiences and opportunities that excite me might not be money-making avenues, I enjoy undertaking these tasks and projects due to my passion for travelling and photography.

Thirdly, I’ve understood how powerful my inner circle of family and friends are. Do not allow cyber bullies to ruin your passion. They are merely keyboard warriors and insignificant to your life. I’ve always been soft-spoken and forgive people easily. I always choose to retreat without a fight, thinking that time will fix all wounds. However, I’ve met a few horrible individuals in the blogging industry. Of course, I chose to keep quiet, but this wasn’t because I could not stand up for myself. I just did not see the point in wasting time and effort in gossips and drama. I always turn to my inner circle for support. They help me see the line between real life and virtual life. Huge thanks to my inner circle (xoxo, you know who you are)!



2020 will be about good vibes, bigger goals, more happiness, stronger relationships and being more focussed than ever. I’m looking forward to the 12 new chapters and 365 new chances of this new year.

If you’re wondering what I have planned for 2020, here’s a list of a few exciting happenings:
– Celebrating my 29th Birthday during the Lunar New Year (final year to celebrate being in my twenties)
– Getting Hitched with Jayden in December (it’s definitely going to be the highlight of 2020!)
– Celebrating one of our close friends’ wedding in Bali
– Working on New Projects (can’t disclose at the moment but I promise it’ll be an amazing one that’ll help all travellers)
– Besides travelling and photography, I’ve always been passionate about marine biology. In the new year, I will finally obtain my diving license and will be taking more dive trips around the world.
And so, the adventure begins.

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