3 Places in Bali for Romantic Sunsets

3 Places in Bali for Romantic Sunsets

November 26, 2016

At the mention of Bali, most people would immediately think of the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” by Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. Due to the popular movie, many people have been inspired to discover Bali’s hidden gems and I’m no exception. Fast forward a couple of years later, my boyfriend and I decided to give Bali a shot!

Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise. Referred to as “The Island of the Gods” by the local Balinese people, Bali offers beautiful beaches for all sorts of water-sports, mysterious ancient monuments, remarkable rice fields, hillside temples and many other natural sites such as the volcano. Balinese culture is rich and very diversified and there are so many things for you to learn and discover. We spent four days in Bali so we only managed to explore Legian, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and the furthest we travelled was to Tanah Lot. However, for today’s article, I’ll be sharing about my top 3 favourite spots to catch sunsets in Bali.







It’s hard to draw a clear boundary between Legian, Kuta and Seminyak but I guess you’ll be able to differentiate by observing the people, food establishments and shops. Seminyak boasts a much more sophisticated and laid-back atmosphere and the beach is relatively quieter during the day as compared to Kuta. Legian beach is also less crowded as compared to Kuta but houses many unique shops, culinary delights and becomes very alive and vibrant at night.

The beach that we decided to walk along to catch the sunset after our dinner was Legian Beach. As we were walking hand-in-hand, an orange haze casted over the moving sea, reflecting off every wave. Half of a glowing, radiant light loomed on the water’s horizon. Warm sensations splashed onto our faces from the sun’s beaming rays. You could hear families splashing around in the waters, their voices full of joy and contrasting clanking noises from pails that children used for building sandcastles as children ran around looking for their parents. Birds soared the air with their loved ones before huddling together on the tree branch. And finally, the sun disappears along with its shine. But, the stars peek out under the black night sky and we could only wait to see another magical moment of beauty and warmth.




The sunset was so breathtaking! I wasn’t even interested in taking numerous photos. I just wanted to enjoy each moment with my boyfriend. The timing the sun took to disappear was so slow, as compared to Singapore where the sun goes, “POOF!” within a minute. The stroll along the beach brought us to Cocoon Beach Club. We were attracted by the romantic setting of Cocoon Bar hence, decided to chill the night away on the beach chairs surrounding their swimming pool, which was beautifully lit up at night. Cocoon Bar is the perfect place for heart-to-heart-talks and indulging in cocktails and fancy appetizers such as the salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and raw crab meat that we had.








Don’t be surprised to find yourself among numerous tourists at Jimbaran Bay! Formerly a humble fishing village, Jimbaran Bay has capitalized on its spectacular coastline location and transformed into Bali’s hot spot for seafood! This area is popular for its delicious and romantic beachfront seafood restaurants and we found some of the restaurants to be reasonably priced. We decided to grab a table early to avoid the dinner crowd. After ordering our food, we headed to the beach and waited for the sunset.

You can see the brilliant orb of amber and tangerine sinking lower and lower in the sky until it dipped down into horizon, painting the sky in magnificent hues of fiery red and crimson. The colours faded from maroon to neon pink and majestic purple. An impossibly bright orange coloured the beach a sparkling gold as the sun descended. As the sky changed from cornflower blue to a subtle purple, the waiter signaled us back to our table as our food has arrived.

After the sunset, you’ll start detecting tantalizing aromas of freshly grilled seafood, with flickering lights of candles on the tables, exuding a romantic vibe. We tucked into the crabs, lobsters, squid and other fresh catches of the day while digging our toes into the sand. We were too famished and too in awe of the sunset that the camera was neglected so, I don’t have many photos of our seafood feast.








Tanah Lot epitomizes the romantic island of Bali. Located in the sea approximately 300 meters from shore, the huge rock of Tanah Lot can be reached only during low tides. On its Northern side, there are two Balinese temples built on an overhanging cliff which connects the islet to the shore. Underneath the rock are caves that are inhabited by sea snakes, believed to be the guardians of the temples. Catching the sunset here was the most memorable for us as you get to admire the shimmering gold ball from many different perspectives. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The fact that I was able to capture so many pictures from different points at Tanah Lot shows you how slow the sun descended into the vast ocean.

Do note the following entrance fee to Tanah Lot:
Domestic Adult : 20,000 IDR ($2.12 SGD)
Domestic Child (6-12 years old) : 15,000 IDR ($1.59)
Foreign Adult : 60,000 IDR ($6.36 SGD)
Foreign Child (6-12 years old) : 30,000 IDR ($3.18)

Here’s some advice
The beaches are especially packed in the evenings so do be there earlier if you want to pick a good spot to catch the sunsets. Do put on more sunblock and hydrate yourself frequently. As for Tanah Lot, be careful where you walk as the rocky route might get slippery and uneven. For your own safety, don’t get too close to the edges as well.

Between January to April and the months of October and November, there are good flight deals and hotel deals for Bali but there might be excessive rainfalls. The best months to go are in May, June and September as Bali has the best weather during these months. Party-goers will flock to Bali during July, August and December for the festive celebrations so do note that airfare, accommodation and even restaurants rates might increase by 50% or more so it’s better to book in advance.

There you have it – my top 3 picks for catching sunsets in Bali! I’m so glad that my boyfriend and I made this romantic trip as we really tuned out from technology and social media and just enjoyed each other’s company. I always say that I would love to return to the countries and cities that I’ve stepped foot into but my adventurous soul is always searching for new destinations to visit. But, if I ever return to Bali, I would definitely hike Mt. Batur, dolphin-watch at Lovina Beach and explore Ubud. Have a great weekend everyone!

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