Wang Gao Liao – Enjoy the Romantic Ambience at this Night View Park

Wang Gao Liao – Enjoy the Romantic Ambience at this Night View Park

January 10, 2018

One of the best ways to enjoy a panoramic view of a city is to ascend the highest lookout point. Whenever I’m short of time while exploring a new city, the first place I head to is always the observation deck – well, you get to see almost everything within an hour. Wang Gao Liao is the peak of Dadu Mountain in Taichung. My partner and I drove up to the park at night, and were rewarded with the combination of the dazzling night scenery of the city and the sparkling lights of the stars and the seaside towns.





Due to its secluded location, many people thought that the park is dangerous. You can now feel assured because there is a police station located right at the entrance of the park. You will notice many couples cozying up and whispering sweet nothings to each other at the park. The area exudes a relaxing and romantic vibe.

From the viewing platform, you can see the entire Taichung city on the Eastern side, and Qingshui, Wuqi, and other coastal towns of Taichung County on the Western side. The locals bring their dogs for a walk at the park in the day, so if you’re a dog lover, you can consider having a picnic at Wang Gao Liao Park, and play with the dogs. There is a 180-degree arc-shaped amphitheatre where you can sit and have your picnic while taking in the spectacular view. Due to our travel itinerary, we only made it up to Wang Gao Liao Park late at night. It’s such a pity as it would’ve been a great experience to catch the sunset along the coast.

We would recommend adding Wang Gao Liao Park into your travel itinerary. Please apply plenty of sunblock if you are heading to the park in the day. Don’t forget to apply mosquito repellant too.

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